Members of the Board

Shahrazad Magrabi

Shahrazad is one of the three founding members of Libyan Women Forum and has become the pushing force and inspiration behind our organization and all of our work. She often meets with representatives of international and local organizations to initiate or secure project funding and partnerships, and holds the position of director within LWF. All decision making, organization of events and activities and the preparation of essential project documents are mainly attributed to her and her astounding sense of dedication, hard work and creativity.

Esra Amar

Essra has been a member of Libyan Women Forum since we first began recruiting in November 2011, she immediately became an active and integral member of our organization when the Centre of Excellence and the Civilian Alliance projects were initiated, in which she was appointed centre coordinator and procurement officer respectively. She has managed to juggle these two tasking responsibilities and much more with a fierce diligence and capability that has made her into one of our greatest behind the scenes assets. Recently she was appointed as a new board member following her long standing dedication to LWF, and we are sure she will bring the same diligence and capability to her new role.

Hameda AlOusta

Hameda joined Libyan Women Forum in April 2012 and has been a dedicated and important member of our organization ever since. She previously held the position of assistant director with a strong sense of astuteness and responsibility, and her contribution has been vital to the successful implementation of many of our projects. Following her appointement as a member of the board, Hameda continues to provide support and resources when needed in Libya.

Fawziya AlHooni

Fawziya is one of our newest members of LWF and the board. We first met Fawziya when LWF temporarily relocated to Cairo in Egypt due to security concerns. We immediately recognised her keen sense of inteligence and strength, and with her reputable background in journalism and media, we are sure that she will add much to the LWF team.

Organizational STructure

Shahrazad Magrabi

DIRECTOR, Libyan Women Forum

Esra Amar


Noor Benaji


Noor is one of our most energetic and enthusiastic members who joined us in late 2013. She is currently in her second year of university reading political science. With her extensive network of associates and friends and constant willingness to run errands outside of the office, Noor is our main player out on the ground and as such is an invaluble asset to the organisation.

Safa Belhaj

Administrative Officer, Libyan Women Forum

Safa joined us in April 2014 as a assitant coodinator for the training section of the Libyan Women Economic Empowerment project. Her quiet, hard working nature and true deication to the cause of women’s rights and emowerment immediately caught our eye, and LWF soon recruited her for a more permanent position in our ranks. Safa is also assisting in the fundraising branch of LWF.

And a lot more!

We also have a number of semi-permanent Project Coordinators and Volunteer Members whose help has been invaluable in enabling LWF to stride towards our goals. To all those members past and present who are not named on this page, but who have supported and helped us none the less, we extend our most heartfelt gratitude as LWF would not be what it is today without you.

If you are interested to volunteer for our organisation, contribute in any way or wish to become a member please feel free to contact our Director, Shahrazad Magrabi at

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