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Empowering Women for a Better Libya!

Libyan Women Forum (LWF) is a non-profit local civil society that works towards the empowerment of Libyan women through advocacy, capacity building and raising awareness of gender related issues. LWF was established in November 2011 after a diverse group of 21 women expressed a strong desire to effectively participate in the re-construction phase of the post-revolution Libya. LWF started to voice its views hoping to reflect the average Libyan woman’s views,

hopes and aspirations on national issues such as post conflict arms control. This led to our first activity; a civilian disarmament campaign that was carried out in December 2012. It was soon decided that it was high time to translate the common purpose into concrete actions in the form of practical projects that could be implemented to the benefit of women in Libya. This boiled down to one common aim - “Empowering Women for a Better Libya”.

Since then, LWF members have successfully and consistently dedicated themselves to implementing projects on both small and large scales, gaining wide recognition and much gratification along the way. To this date we are proud to have implemented over 22 projects in different localities. We hope that we can continue to contribute positively in the field of women’s empowerment and hopefully aid the future realization of gender equality in Libya.

Our Vision

Empower Libyan women to play an effective role and participate in the future development of the country, influence the decision making process and to reach executive positions in the social, economic and political sectors.

Our Mission

LWF has developed an assertive and comprehensive plan of action based on professional strategies to empower Libyan women from all regions to activly participate in the social, economic and political sectors.

Our plan of action calls for:

  • The removal of barriers that limit the ability of women to participate fully in all areas.
  • The involvement of women of all ages and backgrounds, including minorities and groups with special needs.
  • The education of women on fundamental principals and values concerning their rights.
  • The development and implementation of project initiatives to realise our objectives and achieve the LWF vision.
  • The mobilization of our efforts and various resources to enable the implementation of the proposed initiatives and pressurise the relevant institutions to adopt our programs.
  • Encouragement of the full involvement of men in our projects.

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